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Mom seen being attacked by gun-toting biker in Philadelphia: ‘Glad that video is not me dying’

A "person of interest" caught on video vandalizing a car and pointing a gun at the woman has been identified but not arrested, police said.
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A woman in a widely circulated video — publicized by Philadelphia police — in which a motorcyclist is seen vandalizing her car, pointing a gun and then head-butting her with a helmet on said she risked her life to protect her two children.

“I’m glad my kids are OK. I’m glad nobody got hurt,” Nikki Bullock, 23, said Tuesday afternoon. “It could have gone way worse than it did. I’m just glad that video is not me dying on the internet.”

Bullock said she was on the job as an Uber Eats driver when the incident occurred Sunday night. Bullock's girlfriend and her young children were also in the Ford Fusion, she said.

That’s when a large group of ATV, dirt bike and motorcycle riders drove near them and one of them — the man Philadelphia police are looking for — sideswiped her Fusion, which led to an argument, Bullock said.

In a statement Tuesday, police asked for the public’s help identifying the male motorcyclist, who is wanted for aggravated assault and vandalism. The department’s major crimes auto squad is investigating. The incident occurred near City Hall, police said.

In the video, a man in a helmet stands on the trunk of a car while bike riders drive past the scene. The motorcyclist then stomps with both feet and smashes through the rear windshield, the video shows.

The man then gets off the vehicle, and the driver gets out. The motorcyclist then points a gun at the woman who got out of the car, the video shows.

But the woman continues to move toward the motorcyclist as they argue. The motorcyclist then head-butts the woman while wearing a helmet and pushes her, the video shows.

In sharing the video, police pointed out gold decals on the motorcyclist’s helmet and tattoos on his right arm, and they zoomed in on a still image of the motorcyclist, which partly shows his face.

In a statement Tuesday afternoon, a police representative said over email that the “person of interest” seen in the video has been identified but not arrested. There were no additional updates, the representative said.

In a longer video posted on the Instagram, the woman who stepped out of the car, after she has a gun pointed at her, pushes the motorcycle to the ground while the rider is on it.

That video also shows the driver being surrounded by riders passing on each side of her and the car. The woman then walks away from the car carrying a child.

George Coloney, who posted the longer video to Instagram, told NBC Philadelphia he was visiting the city from Florida when he witnessed the incident from a double-decker tour bus.

“I just started filming a video of all the bikers when, next thing you know, this guy hops off and jumps on this lady’s car,” he said. 

The ordeal, Coloney added, could have ended tragically, according to the station.

“For him to take it that far, it’s just out of control,” Coloney said. “To the point where many people could’ve died in an instant.” 

Bullock said Tuesday she is a licensed gun carrier but did not have a weapon on her when the motorcyclist pointed a gun.

“I’m licensed to carry. I was just not scared. It did not faze me,” she said.

Bullock said she wants “justice” and hopes law enforcement comes down hard on her attacker, especially because children could have been hurt.

“I got kids. It’s wrong,” she said. “It’s just way different if it was just me and my girlfriend.”