About Us

We are Masks 4 All Ireland.

We have come together as a group to assist our healthcare workers in a time where there is a massive shortage of personal protective equipment both in hospitals and nursing homes and in the community.

Together we have many talents, we are sewists, designers, fundraisers, logistics specialists, IT professionals, to name but a few, and we have come together in a unique way to volunteer our services. We have answered the call. We are filling a need.

We have designed a bespoke mask based on research and best practice.

We have built a nationwide network of sewists, who are working in teams in every county while staying at home in their factories of 1.

We have a facebook page sharing our skills with each other, teaching each other and supporting each other to do the best job we can.

We have built a website to allow healthcare workers to request our free masks.

We are supported by Bike Marshalls Ireland, Echo CharlieTango, Civil Defence and Scouting in transport, we can move masks and fabric from anywhere in the 32 counties.

We are Mask 4 All Ireland and we are making masks for you.